Conversation with Greg Lowe

At Covenant we believe strongly in the the God-given authority and duty of parents to raise up their children in the Lord. We want to partner well with parents in this task, and we depend upon their wisdom and commitment in the education of their children.

In this conversation, Greg Lowe shares his thoughts reflecting upon his nearly two decades in the Covenant community. Greg and his wife Jennifer have raised four sons – all of whom went Kindergarten through graduation at Covenant. Greg has served in numerous ways at Covenant over the years, heading up the building committee that located and then helped to renovate our current campus, leading as a board member, and coaching varsity basketball.

In this conversation recorded at Classical Academic Press, Greg discusses various facets of Covenant, including their decision to come to Covenant initially, the importance of athletics in classical education, the skill of being able to learn new things, and the distinctive camaraderie they found in Covenant’s community. See the time stamps below to learn more about a specific topic.

  • From Home School to Christian School | 0:00 – 0:51
  • Athletics and Classical Education | 0:52 – 2:59
  • Community and Faculty-Student Interaction | 3:00 – 4:14
  • Cultivation of Thought and Creativity | 4:15 – 8:09