It Makes a Difference

Michelle Gaydos, mother of 2018 graduate, Hannah Gaydos, took some time to answer a few questions about their time at Covenant. We love hearing stories from our families about how a classical, Christian education at Covenant made a difference in a student’s life!

Your daughter, Hannah, graduated this year. What are one or two of your favorite memories from her time here?
Watching Hannah’s mind blossom into such an intelligent young lady! She was always so excited to share with us what she was learning and doing in school. I would have to say my second would be watching her build relationships, which she had trouble with in the past. The kids at Covenant were so accepting that they are somewhat like family now.

Your family came to Covenant in 9th grade. What were some of the reasons that you decided to switch to Covenant for her high school years?
Hannah was having problems fitting in, she would come home frustrated at what she was seeing and experiencing. We tried to do cyber school a year, but she came to us and said, she wasn’t learning enough.

Tell us about your experience as a new family to Covenant. What were some of the things that helped you to make the transition?
The transition was easy. Everyone was very welcoming, both parents and faculty.

What were some of the harder things about your family’s journey through high school? What helped your family to persevere?
We knew it was going to be very challenging for Hannah, since she had no classical learning. With that being said, I would have to give the Lord the credit. He put it on my heart to send her there, therefore He would give her what she needed. The kids were always encouraging each other and once she grasped the learning style, she seemed to be excited about learning new things. It was like a window was opened and she became a sponge.

What are some of the extra-curricular activities and specials that Hannah participated in while at Covenant? How did these enrich her experience?
Well that was another blooming moment! She started in the dramas doing small roles. She loved it and once she was bitten by the acting bug, she went on to have major roles at our church and at Covenant. Church members would comment on how she has really become so confident. They would ask me, “What happened?” I would reply: “The new school she’s going to, Covenant!”

As you consider the last four years, what are some examples of change or growth that you are thankful for in your daughter’s life
I would have to say the knowledge she has gained that she would not have received at a public school would be the most valuable blessing. The confidence she gained is also priceless. I would also say that the artist Mrs. McClymont unleashed has been enjoyed by many! I also need to say the wisdom of the Bible. She is very confident on her beliefs and values and is willingly and boldly fully handling challenging discussions with others.

What advice would you give to a family considering coming to Covenant for high school?
I would tell them that it was the best choice we have ever made as a parent.

Hear more of Hannah’s thoughts on her experiences at Covenant in the video below!


For any family interested in joining us on the journey of classically educating students, preparing them for the future, and teaching them to walk with the Lord, we invite you to become a part of the Covenant community.  To learn more,  please contact our Director of Admissions, Katie Broeg, at