A Timely Discussion

Our Upper School Dean, John Hayward, shares some insight and resources on how to speak with your children about some of the dangers of the internet. This is especially important during this time of isolation and the likelihood of increased screen time.

I imagine many of us are spending more time on screens than we usually do. There are many dangers and opportunities this presents and many people have good thoughts on that including Andy Crouch that Dr. Sonju has referenced. I want to suggest one discussion that could be strategic at this time. Discuss internet pornography with your child. I offer three reasons and even better resources.

  1. The internet is not a safe place. There are predatory people and advertisements, not to mention the devil prowling around seeking to attack God’s people.
  2. Pornography is reaching children at younger and younger years, and it is not just a boy thing. Whether it is in lewd conversations or references that young ladies feel awkward or naive about, or if it is their own personal struggle, it is something to discuss with both young men and women even if it looks different.
  3. Wouldn’t it be great if a loving, godly voice was the first voice from whom they heard about the topic? You are better than a friend or the internet to answer such questions (even if you feel awkward about it).

I have included links to excellent resources on this topic that are better than I can come up with. One final note: these discussions can be great for the car because you are trapped talking to each other but it’s natural to not look at each other. If you try this though… drive safe.

Check out this book for a natural and comfortable way to talk to your kids this ever-increasing issue.

HarvestUSA.org is also an excellent resource for biblical guidance on issues surrounding sex. Here are some of the best and most relevant: