We believe that a classical, Christian education provides good soil for students to grow into mature followers of Jesus Christ. In this series of posts we will highlight various ways that a Covenant education prepares students to live faithful and fruitful lives. 

Covenant seeks to partner with parents in raising young men and women to be excellent thinkers, clear and courageous communicators, and professionals that see their career as an opportunity to serve others and glorify God. Jeff Coleman, founder and principal of Churchill Strategies, speaks about his experience working with Covenant alumni…

“Every Covenant alumnus is different, but there are some things they all seem to share. They’re thinkers. No, they don’t all think alike, but they know how to challenge themselves and the ideas of others in a way that brings something special to the conversation. They’re strong conversationalists and that means there’s little awkwardness in interactions with new people or a challenging meeting. It goes beyond a good handshake or smile. It’s a kind of shoulders back, look you straight in the eye confidence that comes from knowing how to engage, and how to find the answer.

As a business owner, you’re able to engage a Covenant alumnus with a kind of confidence that they’ll understand that there’s a purpose beyond turning a profit. They know—because they heard it every day at school—that they were designed with a purpose: to love God and serve others. You can’t put a price on that kind of education.”

Covenant Christian Academy is a member of ACCS.

The University of Notre Dame, in conjunction with the Cardus Education Survey, conducted a study focused on school outcomes. We are encouraged by this recent data released by the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) that shows how alumni from these schools are well prepared for the vocations God has prepared for them.